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Beginning 1983, founded by Giorgio Salvadori. His vision, a family company with an international reach.

Initially Salvadori focused on the tire Retreading market and to serve tire workshops with all the tools required for the Retreading process.

In 1990, Salvadori designed, fabricated and installed the first machines to cut tires of different sizes, this was Salvadori’s first steps into the recycling sector. A bold move which was validated in the following years by the promulgation of several regulations created to tackle environmental and economic issue of rubber waste.

Over the subsequent years, Salvadori has become a globally recognized - company, with active customers in 40 Countries. Each created to the customers unique requirements.

Salvadori’s success lead to the acquisition in 2016, by TRC a U.S based multinational company. TRC, has a 4r vision of repair, reuse, recycle and repurpose. Salvadori fully aligned with that vision and today operates to help TRC fulfil their 4r vision.

TRC has a portfolio of companies that are is a global leader in the production of tire and conveyor belt repair and Retreading products.

Salvadori is TRC’s lead recycling company and helps TRC fulfil their 4r vision of Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose.

With Salvadori’s Team of world class passionate professionals, we embrace the challenges and opportunities represented by the new circular economy.



Real- world perspective including understanding todays challenges and needs while anticipating the future with unique and innovative technologies which infuse our solutions.

Salvadori’s history is marked by a specific development approach, clearly defined objectives, and a growing awareness of our world and the new circular economy drives our passion.

Innovation stems from a precise method, where Research, Development and Design converge to create tailor-made equipment for every rubber recycling step, and for each production situation encountered.

Innovation is our goal, which, before any regulation was promulgated, understood the tire and conveyor belt sector issues, offering recycling, reuse and transformation solutions that were unthinkable before, and anticipating national and international emergencies.

Innovative is the constant technological and machine development, to promote the growth of a circular and environmentally-sustainable economy, the present and future of our sector: a direction to tackle with experience, expertise and strategic vision.


Constant search for innovative solutions and technologies, continuous cooperation with our Customers, teamwork: this is what our business - entirely dedicated to rubber recycling is based on, elements that need to be improved and increased to promote a circular economy with a sustainable development.

Our goal is to add value to rubber - from tires to conveyor belts - and transform it from hazardous waste to resource: we do so by focusing on the environment and on a virtuous industrial process model.

We support our Customers’ needs in their businesses, and we follow their activities to increase the benefits of a circular and sustainable economy together.



We are guided by our core values which permeate every facet of our work and exhibited in the relationships we forge with our customers. They include: Honor, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Intelligence

With these defined and embraced values, we work in compliance with current regulations, with full transparency in all our production processes, always in the interest of every Salvadori customer and the public.

Any success we have enjoyed has always been based on trustworthy relationships with our Customers. Our commitment to these values embraced by all Salvadori Associates influences our approach, decision making and high performing culture which culminate in projects that delight and exceed our customers’ expectations.: this way of sharing, along with our expertise, professionalism and emphasis on research, transforms business-specific requests into innovative projects and solutions useful to all people.

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