Michelin selects Salvadori Srl Technology for Tire Recycling Plant in Chile

We are very proud to announce that Michelin has selected Salvadori Srl, as the supplier for the downsizing technology required to reduce tires for its new recycling plant. 

The tiremaker’s new generation recycling plant, built in collaboration with Enviro, is under construction in Chile’s Antofagasta region. It aims to recycle about 30,000 tons of earthmover tires per year.

Luca Olcese, our General Manager, said, “The Michelin project is innovative and very important for us. The fact that a giant of this caliber in tire manufacturing has decided to invest its resources in a fully integrated recycling and processing plant is a very important sign for Salvadori, who is a pioneer in this industry. It strengthens us and opens incredible promises and business prospects. The world needs to solve this problem and we are present.”

The idea for the recycling plant was conceptualized as a solution to dispose of large-sized earthmoving machinery tires which can be recycled directly on site. The cutting station consists of three types of equipment. The first type is used to separate the sides of the tread, the second to remove the bead or the steel core that forms the structure of the tire, and the last to cut into small pieces of what remains from processing which will be used in downstream transformation processes. The cut tires are then ready to enter a transformation process.

The machines were designed and developed together with Michelin here in the Trentino Sviluppo technological hub in Rovereto.


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