Preserving The Beauty of Nature for Generations to Come

My family and I are blessed to live in Trentino, a small Province in northern Italy. A region known for its stunning landscapes featuring soaring mountains, serene lakes, and sprawling forests. Living here is a privilege I vow to never take for granted and preserving the environment for my children and future generations drives the work that I do. That is why I am proud to be a part of an organization committed to helping save our planet.

Our company focuses on the safe repurposing and recycling of waste tires. Did you know that if not properly processed a waste tire can sit in a landfill for up to 100 years? That’s simply not sustainable and certainly not acceptable.

Huge stockpiles of waste tires are like ticking time bombs, posing health and environmental concerns including:
• Fire risk, harming both people and animals.
• During a tire blaze, toxic emissions are releasing into the atmosphere including oil, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and benzene, known carcinogens.
• Toxic substances leached into the soil and water table.
• In warmer climates, a waste tire will store rain and become an ideal incubator for mosquito larvae, thus increasing the risk of spreading diseases such as dengue, malaria, and zika.

Our initial focus was on passenger and truck tires, but recently we have identified mining tires as a growing area of concern. There are over 6,000 open pit mines operating on our planet. These mines use a wide range of equipment including dump trucks, loaders and other wheeled vehicles. On average, there are 29 mining vehicles per operation, meaning that there are over 175,000 mining vehicles in operations around the world.

These are not your average tires either. Some of these vehicles are equipped with extra-large tires with rims up to 63” in diameter and weighing up to six tons! A mining dump truck typically consists of six wheels that have an average operating life of only 5-10 months. Once these tires can no longer be repaired or retreaded, an estimated 1 million mining tires (over 5 million tons of material) end up in landfills.

But this does not have to be the case. My company specializes in the equipment, processes, and technology to repurpose and recycle these tires into new, usable goods. Turning stockpiles of tires from dangerous and wasteful ticking time bombs into sustainable value.

Andrea Pitto
Salvadori Director

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