Salvadori Issued U.S. Patent for Revolutionary MT-Rex Tire Shear

We are proudly announcing that US Patent Office recognized the innovation brought in by our MT-REX® – equipment to downsize giant OTR Tires. This achievement results from the contribution of almost everyone in Salvadori Recycling: congratulations!

MT-Rex® Tire Shear has been created to downsize tires up to a 63” diameter. The patent acknowledges Salvadori’s proprietary system, which positions the tires and the shearing mechanism to handle the extreme demands of downsizing OTR tires.

Asked what was the initial source of inspiration behind the MT-REX® concept, Samuel Salvadori, the inventor of MT-REX® says, “Simplicity was the key. Back in the day, there were very complex solutions trying to address the need of downsizing huge mining tires. My goal was to bring many components into a single machine and make the process simple and safe. This is how MT-REX® was born.”

Salvadori MT-REX® is the first fully automated system capable of managing tires up to 63” and provides a continuous flow of clean and standardized sized tire chunks. With a processing time of less than one hour for a 63” tire, when continuously operated, MT-REX® can downsize more than 7,000 tires per year and consistently feeds more than 35,000 tons per year of clean and regularly cut pieces to a traditional shredding line.

According to Andrea Pitto, Salvadori Sales Manager, “All Salvadori solutions focus on waste to value systems to enhance our clients’ business and bottom line. A mining operation can convert a high-risk eco-liability into a valuable resource while driving sustainability and playing an important role in the circular economy.”

Salvadori solutions help to drive this circular economy and align with parent company TRC’s 4r vision of repair, reuse, recycle and repurpose.

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