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Salvadori has been a pioneer in studying tire and conveyor belt recycling for more than 30 years. Over those 30 years we have quired a tremendous amount of insight which has allowed us to envision, design and manufacture recycling equipment for the specific needs of our customers by harnessing the latest technological advances and advanced manufacturing techniques. Salvadori has been an early entrant and architect of the emerging new “Circular Economy”.

Tire recycling plants (Pyrolysis)

Salvadori’s approach to tire downsizing, has proved to be most beneficial when the process of “Pyrolysis” is used to recycle tires. Our customized approach allows that tires of many different sizes can be downsized to exact specifications which drives down shipping costs and maximizes profit.

Cement factories Energy makers

Thanks to its high calorific power, tire rubber can be used to effectively replace fossil fuel for powering concrete production facilities. With the removal of the steel bead which comes out much cleaner due to Salvadori’s removal process, creates a new and highly profitable revenue stream.

Tire Retreading companies

Tire Retreading companies have to deal with several kinds of waste when recycling tires such as: frayed edges, trimmings, curing bladders, tubes, envelopes, wicking pads, scraps of precured tread, and other kinds of waste generated during the downsizing process. Today, there are many different options to transform this waste into usable resources, using Salvadori downsizing and technical articles production machines.

In the downsizing phase, steel can be recovered by extracting the beads and later sold thereby reducing the weight of the materials and lowering overall disposal and shipping costs. In addition, precisely cut tire pieces make transporting materials and processing rubber in the shredding step more efficient.

Industrial rubber processing is completed with Salvadori’s technical articles production machines, which transforms waste into profit through the manufacturing and sales of many unique and desirable products.

Tire recycling plants (shredders)

Tires or conveyor belt rubber shredding produces crumb rubber which can be used to produce end use products or sold as a resource. The entire process performance can be enhanced with custom designed Salvadori downsizing and technical articles production equipment.

With tire downsizing, the plant can gain profit both from recovering steel via bead removal, and by transforming rubber in pieces that can be processed and transported more efficiently, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Salvadori’s custom designed technical articles equipment can turn ideas into viably produced commercialized products, turning crumb rubber into the next generation of new green products.

Moulded products manufacturers

Producing the next generation of highly desired green products made from recycled rubber requires passion, technology, and innovative equipment design and engineering. Salvadori leverages our 30+ years to envision cutting edge designs and engineering to produce high performing solutions to meet the demanding specifications established by our customers.


Tire and conveyor belt rubber recycling is a growing market sector that ensures profitable investments, that align with and leverage current policies and international regulations promoting recycling, environmental care and cultural recycling resolutions, all born out of the new circular economy.

Adopting rubber recycling is a decision based on current market & economic conditions, that severely affect the availability of raw materials, some of which are in high demand with a limited supply. Faced with this scenario, the solution is to recycle which in-turn creates raw materials, that can be reused in new products.

Investments in this field may include the entire rubber processing industrial cycle, which include both downsizing and technical articles production equipment.

Alternatively, investors can opt to invest in the technical articles which produces products from crumb rubber which are limited in scope and variety only by one’s imagination!

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