Hercules 45

Tyre debeading


Hercules 45 breaks the steel beads inside the tyre. The tyre bead removal facilitates the subsequent recycling stages, increases the durability of the shredders' blades and allows to obtain a cleaner rubber granule.


Hercules 45 is particularly productive as it is able to extract the heel of both sides in a single processing step.
It allows to increase the shredding line productivity downstream by reducing the machine downtime and increasing the useful life of the blades typically by 60%.
Its automatic bead locking system allows the treatment of tyres with low quality carcasses, considerably reducing waste.

Processed tyres untill 24"
Power 26 kW
Maximum traction 45 tons 200 bar
Maximum production capacity 30 tyres/hour
Weight 3.7 tons

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