Wolverine 18-51R


Hydraulic shears for the volume reduction of tires, including large earth-moving tires. The volumetric reduction makes transport more economical and facilitates the subsequent processing phases of recycling plants.
The 18-51 R version allows the processing of the tire without requiring any prior beads removal, plus this new custom-made version discharges downsized rubber on a conveyor.


It is a fully automated equipment that reduces labor costs and mitigates potential workplace injury liabilities.
Wolverine shears 30 OTR tire cuts per hour.
Wolverine’s shear blades are crafted from the highest-quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards.
Shear blades provide optimum performance and extended blade life, which means more tons per edge while reducing downtime due to blade change.


Processed tyres 18-51"
Power 37 kW
Maximum thrust 250 tons
Weight 22 tons

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