Parts and services

Salvadori understands that unplanned downtime is catastrophic to any business so we provide a complete after-sales support system, organized in a series of services created to provide unparalleled customer service and support.

The entire Salvadori Team of subject matter experts stand ready to provide extraordinary maintenance operations, to quickly solve any issues and are backed by a fully stocked warehouse.

Remote support
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All Salvadori equipment is designed to be remotely controlled, via IT systems that connect the equipment to the Salvadori support centre. Quick and targeted interventions created to reduce machine downtime and keep you up and running.

On-site support
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Expert technicians are available globally to provide on-site support. We believe this is an essential service to ensure a quick resolution to any service issues.

Spare parts warehouse
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Salvadori is committed to maintaining a robust spare parts inventory. We stock a warehouse which will quickly meet all customer needs and contributes to the reduction of machine downtime.

Customized support agreements
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Salvadori offers several after-sales support packages designed based on the customers’ specific needs, which ensures your equipment is fully functional and minimizes unplanned downtime.

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