Antishock flooring - THE REBIRTH OF RUBBER

18 april 2019

From recycled rubber mulch/granule to the Salvadori antishock flooring: a unique product with multiple used and extreme safety

In a global approach where every product is valued in relation to the entire life cycle of its components, the use of recycled products as well as the use of recyclable products is a very convenient choice which is also ecofriendly. We can recycle glass, paper, wood, debris, plastic and much more, processing this waste material in different ways and thus giving it a second life, may it be a new product or a secondary raw material.

Among several materials, recycled rubber is certainly a high-value resource because it can maintain many features unaltered even after its transformation. An out-of-use tire is a tire which cannot assure anymore neither safety nor high-quality performances even after a retreading intervention and it becomes waste. As already said, these tires maintain many of the chemical and physical characteristics even after their transformation, which can be done through different processes. The most widespread process is the mechanical milling, which is performed at ambient temperature, whose result is rubber and dust mulch.

In all this, Salvadori completes the life cycle of the tire and actualizes the principles of the circular economy and offering the perfect alternative to the incineration of exhausted tires.

The recycled rubber fiber becomes a raw material with which new articles are manufactured and then used in different fields of application: from mulch for artificial turf soccer field to the acoustic insulation for construction, from the antishock flooring for public parks, swimming pools, children playgrounds, gyms, shooting ranges, horses’ boxes. This is the topic of this post.

In order to meet all these needs a specific product, guarantee of quality and safety, has been conceived in different shapes, dimensions, colors and conjunctions. ECOPARK is the anti-shock flooring for playgrounds, swimming pools, private gardens and recreation areas. It is useful to avoid shock falls and to make outdoor areas safe for people to move around, play and do sports.

Ecopark is a high-quality product fully tested and homologated. Its structure permits an easy water drainage. It is equipped with an anchoring system, which avoids the separation of rubber tiles. It complies with European regulations that impose the use of antishock flooring in areas where children equipment is placed but it can also have different applications in other fields such as industrial accident prevention, construction and civil sectors.

AGRIPARK rubber tiles are a very good solution because they are anti-slip and not draining and at the same time they are washable and can be easily sanitized. These tiles, used in animals’ boxes, protect their limbs by reducing the vibrations during transport phases. They allow savings on boxes managing costs and assure maximum comfort and hygiene.

Suitable for shooting ranges, POLYPAV rubber panels avoid bullet dispersion in shooting sports.

In fact, bullets shot on earthy surface cause soil movement, but if you place rubber tiles on the floor, the bullets will plunge into them without ruining the surface. Damaged panels can be easily replaced anytime. POLYPAV tiles are a perfect solution also for gyms where heavy sport equipment is used. They reduce the impact energy of heavy weights if they fall to the floor.

Moreover, in archery shooting, POLYPAV rubber tiles, placed between the surfaces of the paper shooting target and the straw basis, make the target last longer.

Thanks to a vast experience and to the versatility of this product, Salvadori can advise the most suitable solutions for every request and moreover it can supply the service of piercing and joining the tiles and also provide specific glues for anchoring.