01 april 2019

We have already got to know Salvadori, a world leader around the entire tire lifecycle, from Tire Repairing to Tire Recycling, passing through the product service and new articled made of recycled rubber.

If you have lost an episode, you are still in time to “re-watch” (read) the last two posts in which we told you about THE SECOND LIFE OF THE TIRE and that THE QUALITY OF RETREADED IS NO LESS.

What we maybe haven’t told you yet, it’s that, over the years, the company dynamic spirit has led to the development of tools and services for the conveyor belt industry. Products meant for belt maintenance and repair.

A choice of product diversification in a growing field, from South America to Africa, from Indonesia to Chile, Russia and Europe of course. In the conveyor belt industry, thinking about quarries, mines, crashing machine, and recycling plants, the rapidity to intervene is crucial. Promptness is to avoid that small damages could quickly become the cause of major ones, ending in the stoppage of the plant.


With reference to that, Salvadori offers efficient solutions to repair minor damages, allowing the belt to keep running until it would be possible to proceed with a more specialized intervention. A series of tools that permit to repair a tear, or to fill a hole on the belt, to splice new and/or existing ones, and to deal with pully lagging.

The wide range of products includes: cutters, knives, pliers, clamps, measuring instruments, rubber skiver, and also double effect rollers. A selection of these articles can be purchased on the renewed ONLINE STORE.

One of the core products is the splicing tool kit, a tool case with 40 items that can be customized on request. Another interesting one is the Salvadori Belt Cutter, both Electrical and Battery operated, that can cut up to 50mm thick belts. They are very useful products for companies working in this industry, and for groups doing the service

Do you want to know more? You can find Salvadori form April 8th till the 14th at Bauma Munich (Hall B0 – Stand 320/7), one of the world biggest fairs in the construction machinery and mining field.