martedì 06 - venerdì 09 giugno 2017

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UGOL ROSSII & MINING will take place at an attractive location, which will allow it to maintain the current and future fast-paced speed of growth: in the new fairground “Kuzbass Fair Exhibition Center” in Novokuznetsk, Zavodsky District, which is located near the centre.

A 66,208 sqm exhibition area (outdoor area - 40,000 sqm), stationary exhibition pavilion (6100, 2500 sqm), stationary pavilion of Roder’s company (1,200 sqm area), as well as a stock of mobile pavilions with the total area over 10,000 sqm are available for exhibitions there. This makes it possible for us to organise, together with our Russian partner Kuzbass Fair, a trade show with a professional infrastructure.